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Who Are RecWorks?

Our first official RecWorks blog post! We thought we’d use the first official blog post to talk about where RecWorks are today.

We have now grown to 20 members of the team at RecWorks. It’s been a journey.

 “Fixing the tech recruitment industry using the power of community”

If you ask most developers what their impression is of tech recruiters, they will generally offer negative opinions. Every week a new tweet or blog post circulates hacker news, highlighting the problems. In 2012, Kernel released a report which slammed the tech recruitment industry. A quote which sums up the report is:

“BS is actually a mild word for the kind of practices many tech recruitment firms are engaged in. Better terms might be: unethical, immoral and, in some cases, illegal”

All you have to do is search Google for “open letter to a tech recruiter” and you are greeted with page after page of candidates complaining about the negative experience they have had. Something is very wrong… and we want to fix it!

The last ten years have bought us to where we are now, which is a unique position in the tech recruitment space. At RecWorks we have a team of people fully focused on fixing the tech recruitment industry, using the power of community. We are a unique consultancy focused around ‘Rec’ruitment and social net’Works’, we are aware of and disappointed at how bad the reputation of tech recruitment is, we want to prove that recruiters can be a power of good in the industry. This is no new thing for us, our company was founded on these principles, we have been doing this since we started!

Long ago, we discovered that many of the best developers in London typically spend their spare time trying to improve their talent, by attending events, working on online projects and engaging with the community, so we decided to change our business model and approach things differently to the standard tech recruitment model.

Whilst we generate 100% of our revenue from recruitment, we spend 50% of our time on community focused work. Rather than spend our time and money on aggressive cold calling campaigns, we do good things in the industry around building communities, organising events and running mentoring initiatives. We then spend time networking, building long-term trusted relationships and proactively seeking referrals and recommendations. We help plug the gaps in the tech industry, are approached by many of the best developers in London before anyone else and develop connections with many of the top employers.

Our heritage is in permanent recruitment around the Java language. This is how we have built our reputation, but we have since diversified and are expanding our specialisms, which now include:

Contract Java developers
JVM languages (Clojure, Scala, Groovy)
Graduate developers (PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript)
Front End developers (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
Executives (CTOs, development managers, IT directors)

With everything we do, we aim to genuinely improve the industry and space that we operate in. We look for the gaps and invest time and money in developing communities to try and solve them. We founded the London Java Community in 2007, and have since worked with others to grow it into one of the largest and most active Java User Groups in the world.

We run successful mentoring and introduction based initiatives for students, CTOs, open source projects, interns and will continue to help the tech industry in as many ways as we can.

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