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Community-driven recruitment


Community-driven recruitment for London Java developers

RecWorks is a blend of tech developer recruitment and engaged tech communities, matching the finest java developers in London with the best java developer jobs. Safe to say, we’re not your average recruitment company.

Recruiting for java developer roles in London is really what pays the bills around here, but we’re about more than just filling java vacancies. We do a lot behind the scenes to build and maintain strong tech communities, using social media to connect the buzzing London java developer scene with the best java roles. Our aim is to benefit the industry as a whole; sharing ideas, encouraging innovation, forging allegiances and of course, matching the best java developers in London with the best contracts and opportunities around.

We build genuine, long-term relationships with both our exceptional candidates and our awesome clients. We’re committed to upholding our values of honesty, integrity and respect, and we offer a supportive, friendly service. We help place London-based tech developers in roles and contracts from graduates to CTOs, specialising in java developers but encompassing the whole tech development spectrum.

So, if you’re a java developer in the London area seeking a new role or contract, or an employer with vacancies for the brightest and best emerging and established tech development talent, you need to be speaking to us. Just ask any developer who knows us for their opinion of us versus typical recruiters. We are the difference we want to see in the industry.

tl;dr – We’re the good guys.

Some of our current opportunities


I’ve worked with Recworks since 2014.

I have found them to be a rare breed: a recruiter that really delivers value, in a market awash with timewasters and low value high volume operators.

They run popular developer meetup groups that attract the best developers in their chosen specialities, and they really get to know their candidates over time. When they recommend a candidate for a role, it’s from a position of understanding of both side’s requirements and aspirations.

They provide a very high CV to hire ratio, to the extent that I have been in the habit of scheduling interviews without any further filtering of the CVs, which I would not dream of doing with other recruiters.

Gordon Griffin, CTO at Voyanta


“We have been using RecWorks for several years, and have consistently found them to be extremely helpful, going out of their way to fit to our schedules, and providing very helpful feedback on our requirements, and the state of the market.

RecWorks have consistently behaved in an ethical, open and transparent way, and have been really easy to deal with, and the reports I’ve had from people we hired through them have been equally positive from the candidates perspective.”

Steve Harris – CTO, Aistemos Ltd.


“I engaged RecWorks last year in order to hire several software developers at TIM Group. I had not used recruiting agencies before and so I decided to engage a number of them at once to learn the difference.

RecWorks stood out from the others by keeping in close contact and looking for feedback on the candidates that he was finding for me. This was critical for us as we are very selective in who we hire, and their approach led him to work with me to learn what exactly I was looking for.

RecWorks engagement and learning approach made them stand out from the other recruiters that I had engaged, and it made all the difference in the candidates they found for me.”

Andy Parker, Engineering Manager TIM Group


“I’ve been on both sides of the recruitment process with RecWorks, recruiting for my team and as a jobseeker.

RecWorks has always listened to my requirements and been respectful with the decisions I’ve made. They are a prime example of what other technology recruiters should aspire to be and they have a very good grasp of the market and technological demands. Our account manager genuinely cares about putting forth the right candidates and placing them into the right working environment and will always actively seek feedback to further improve the process.

Professional, reliable and trust-worthy, RecWorks has definitely left a good impression on me.”

Meng Muk, Moveguides


“We have worked with RecWorks for a number of years and appreciate that they have a professional and ethical approach to working with both clients and candidates.

They are focused on their area of specialism and their technology community engagement enables them to ensure they present us with small numbers of credible CVs.”

Belinda Heap, LMAX Exchange Ltd


“RecWorks are one of the rare recruitment teams that have a collaborative and community based approach – they really understand our team and the type of people we’re looking for so can go out and meet them in exactly the right places.”

Paul Shannon, 7Digital


“RecWorks has been providing their services to us for about a year. We truly enjoy working with the team, as they are well connected with the community and are able to quickly and reliably find candidates that match our specs.”

Jack Scotti, Shutl


“Recworks have been very easy to work with and have placed a number of graduates with us in the last few years. They keep us up-to-date with candidates and are persistent in finding the right people for the role.”

Michelle Dixon, Caplin Systems