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RecWorks – Your Technical Recruitment Partner

For the last 16 years, RecWorks has been servicing UK companies looking for top technical talent across a range of technologies including Software Engineering and architecture, UI/UX and Product, Data, Mobile, DevOps and Infrastructure, Leadership, Managerial and C-Level searches.

Organisations who have trusted us to help them grow
Organisations who have trusted us to help them grow

In a recent survey we conducted, we found that an overwhelming 80% of CTOs feel their recruitment approach is burdened by the hassles of recruitment from reviewing poor CVs, interviewing irrelevant candidates or long time to hires.

We understand these challenges and are here as your recruitment partner to make your hiring experience of top technical talent hassle free, efficient, and cost-effective.

Deep and Extensive Industry Network
RecWorks have been at the heart of the technical community since 2007. As founders of 15 active communities across a spectrum of technologies and through organising regular industry events, we are privileged to be uniquely placed to develop and nurture relationships with the UK’s top technical talent and emerging professionals.

Technical Trendsetters
Remaining at the forefront of the ever evolving, fast paced technical landscape requires an ongoing awareness of the latest technical developments. We diligently listen to our community members’ insights and actively cultivate our networks to connect with talent that satisfy our client’s current hiring needs as well as talent they will need in the future.

Time Efficiency
We understand the cost of an unfilled vacancy in both time, money and opportunity cost to a business. Our proven recruitment methodologies and streamlined processes reduce the noise, hassle and pains that can slow down the time to hire.

Your goals are our goals. We’re not just here to fill positions, we want to develop long term partnerships with our clients, supporting their hiring needs that will enable their business to thrive.




Experience Hassle-Free Hiring

Our mission is simple: we take on the hard work, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re hiring a single individual or building a new technical team, we customise our approach to fit your unique requirements either through supporting your existing internal talent team by providing additional support and resources or fully managing the entire recruitment process on your behalf.


Whilst we started life as a specialist Java software engineering recruitment company, over time our scope extended to support various technical domains, languages and areas, from cutting-edge technologies to well-established ones. We are now able to help our clients recruit across all technologies including Software Engineering and architecture, Ui/Ux and Product, Data, Mobile, DevOps and Infrastructure.

Our commitment extends to all levels. We cover roles for graduates, juniors, and seasoned professionals alike, from C-suite executives to enthusiastic newcomers.


At RecWorks, our commitment goes beyond recruitment. We’re dedicated to servicing the technical ecosystem we work within.

Through our #ByRecWorks initiative, we have founded 15+ technical communities and facilitated over 1500+ events, contributing to knowledge sharing and the collaboration of a diverse new generation of people entering into the industry. Our commitment to building future talent led us to establish Meet a Mentor which has led to over 5000 introductions and counting… fostering the growth and development for the future of our industry. Through our extensive community-focused efforts, we are known and trusted by much of the UK’s top technical talent making us uniquely placed to connect them with our clients when they come to hire.

Considering a new role?

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or merely open to having your head turned if the right opportunity comes along, at RecWorks we understand the importance of the next move in your career. We work with many of the UK’s leading technology companies and would love to connect you with them and help advance your career on your chosen path.




We founded our Meet a Mentor programme in 2017 and have since made over 5,000 introductions! We introduce individuals to mentors who are in the roles you aspire to be in. Our mentors help by sharing their experience, knowledge and wisdom, enabling participants to effectively and efficiently hack their way closer to their career goals. Whether you’re looking for a mentor to offer you some guidance or interested in becoming a mentor yourself and giving back to the community, sign up to Meet a Mentor today.