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Explore our testimonials highlighting the success stories of a few of the clients we have had the privilege to assist. We have dedicated the last 16 years to founding and nurturing communities of technical professionals as a way of giving back to the industry we work within as well as giving us the ability to tap into an unparalleled network of the finest technical talent in the market.
See how we’ve partnered with these exceptional clients to fulfil their recruitment needs and propel their technical teams towards excellence.

How our partners describe working with us

Hires Made: Back End, Front End, DevOps
Seniority of Hires: Mid and Senior
Tech Stack: Java, Python, React, TypeScript, AWS

I used Dominic to place recruits at an early stage startup. He was very conscious of my schedule, and lack of free time (this was during the setup phase), but kept up an appropriate level of communication. I would definitely use Dom again for technical team placement.

Steven Harris, CTO of Cipher

Hires Made: Fullstack, Backend, Manager
Seniority of Hires: Senior, Lead and Engineering Manager
Tech Stack: Java, Spring, AWS, React, TypeScript

Jacob is the single best recruiter for high quality java engineers I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many). He is responsive, honest and has great comms, but his standout ability is that of finding CVs of standout candidates.

Tom Walker, Director of Engineering of HeliosX

Hires Made: Back End and Front End Engineers
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Lead, C-Suite
Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript, React, TypeScript

Dominic is in the top 1th percentile of recruiters in my opinion. He does what he says, he is proactive, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to deal with. Unlike the majority of recuiters, he is focused on the individual, and goes above and beyond to ensure a good fit between candidates and companies.

Andrew Lucas, CTO of Taggstar

Hires Made: Backend, Head of Business Intelligence
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Lead
Tech Stack: Core Java, Kafka

We have worked with RecWorks for a number of years and appreciate that they have a professional and ethical approach to working with both clients and candidates. They are focused on their area of specialism and their technology community engagement enables them to ensure they present us with small numbers of credible CVs.

Belinda Heap, HR of LMAX Exchange

Hires Made – Fullstack Engineer, DevOps, Mobile, Engineering Manager (Mobile and DevOps)
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Manager
Tech Stack: TypeScript, ReactJS, AWS, React Native

RecWorks, through their community building and support, have access to the brightest and motivated candidates in the London market and are my first choice for developers.

Frank Gibson, Interim CTO of The Economist
The Economist

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End
Seniority of Hires: Mid and Senior
Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular

“I’ve been working with Jacob from RecWorks since 2017, and over these years, he has consistently provided high-quality CVs. This has saved both myself and other hiring managers quite a few hours that would have otherwise been spent on CV screening and initial interviews. We have hired numerous candidates through Jacob, many of whom have stayed with our company for several years. He is a top-quality recruiter for software engineers. Understands our needs and the current state on the market and acts accordingly.”

Pablo Portabales, Software Engineering Manager of Telrock

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End, DevOps
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Lead and Principal
Tech Stack: Java, Kotlin, Scala, NodeJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, AWS

“I’ve been working professionally with RecWorks and Dominic for several years now, and with their work in the broader Java community prior to that. In that time I have found Dominic to be genuinely engaged in placing the correct developer in the correct role. RecWorks as a company have always tried to understand the needs of technical organisations, through their involvement in the London Java Community. At an individual level Dominic has sought to understand my particular recruiting needs, always happy to spend time discussing requirements, reviewing job descriptions, and selecting appropriate candidates. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dominic and RecWorks to anyone looking to fill technical roles in London. The time he spends to understand my requirements and the care taken in proposing candidates has allowed me to create a stable and effective team.”

Andy Duncan, Principal Engineer of ITV and 7digital
ITV and 7digital

Hires Made: Back End and Full Stack Software Engineers
Seniority of Hires: Senior, Lead, Principal, Director of Technology
Tech Stack: Java, Kotlin, Scala, NodeJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, AWS

“Dominic and his colleagues at RecWorks are a prime example of what other technology recruiters should aspire to be. I have always appreciated the fact that Dominic would take the time to come on-site to meet me and my colleagues to discuss the vacancy in question and to understand the sort of candidates we are looking for. Dominic would often provide excellent advice based on his understanding of the market and the technology stack and demands. He is approachable and would constantly collect feedback throughout to improve the process. Dominic is also never afraid to put forward suggestions that you may not have considered. I am always impressed with his ability to find high quality candidates that are the right fit for my team. Having worked with Dominic for quite a few times now, I would not hesitate to call on Dominic and RecWorks exclusively for your technical recruitment needs.”

Sook Meng Muk, Director of Technology of Expedia and MOVE Guides

Hires Made – Fullstack Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Head of Engineering
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Staff, Manager, Head of
Tech Stack: Java, ReactJS, AWS

“I came across Tom and RecWorks when we were rapidly scaling our engineering team and having lots of recruiters often reach out, I always look for what differentiates a company and how they can open up unique networks. The fact that RecWorks were so well connected via the technical communities they run was a massive benefit and over the last 8 years has helped us to continually find talented engineers who care about learning more through the events RecWorks host.”

Ben Brown, Head of Technology of Intuit

Hires Made: Back End and Full Stack Software Engineers
Seniority of Hires: Mid, Senior and Lead
Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, GCP

“I have worked with Dominic and RecWorks for the past 5 years, and have found them to be an excellent recruitment agency. They have consistently provided useful feedback on candidates, market information on salaries and technologies used by other companies, and suggestions to improve interview and screening processes. They take the time to understand my needs and requirements and always provide me with a selection of high-quality candidates who meet my criteria and are well-suited to the positions I have been looking to fill. Their unique community-driven approach, ethical approach, and frequent pipeline of exclusive/passive candidates have been a great asset in helping us find the right people. Dominic and his team are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I am satisfied with their services. They are also very responsive and quick to answer any questions or concerns I may have at any time, including out of working hours.I highly recommend Dominic and RecWorks as a professional and reliable recruitment agency that provides excellent service. I am very pleased with the results we have achieved together and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.”

Alain Morlans, Director of Engineering of Travix

Hires Made – Fullstack Software Engineer
Seniority of Hires: Mid, Senior, Lead, Principal
Tech Stack: TypeScript, ReactJS, AWS

“When scaling our remote engineering team, Tom and RecWorks emerged as exceptional partners. Their connections with the technical communities enabled us to find well screened and talented engineers consistently when we needed to hire. Unlike other agencies and proposals, they provide highly targeted candidates aligned with our needs and expectations, not generic CVs. If you want quality over quantity and a partner who listens and advises, I highly recommend trying out Tom and RecWorks.”

Greg Keane, CEO and Co-Founder of Weaver

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End Software Engineers
Seniority of Hires: Mid, Senior, and Lead
Tech Stack: Java, Scala, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, AWS

”I engaged RecWorks in order to hire several software developers at TIM Group. I had not used recruiting agencies before and so I decided to engage a number of them at once to learn the difference. Dominic and RecWorks stood out from the others by keeping in close contact and looking for feedback on the candidates that he was finding for me. This was critical for us as we are very selective in who we hire, and Dominic’s approach led him to work with me to learn what exactly I was looking for. Dominic’s engagement and learning approach made him stand out from the other recruiters that I had engaged, and it made all the difference in the candidates he found for me.”

Andrew Parker, Engineering Manager of TIM Group and ION
Ion Group

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End, DevOps, QA, SDET
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, and Lead
Tech Stack: Java, C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, AWS

“I’ve worked with Dominic and Recworks since 2014. I have found them to be a rare breed: a recruiter that really delivers value, in a market awash with time wasters and low value high volume operators. They run popular developer meetup groups that attract the best developers in their chosen specialities, and they really get to know their candidates over time. When they recommend a candidate for a role, it’s from a position of understanding of both side’s requirements and aspirations. They provide a very high CV to hire ratio, to the extent that I have been in the habit of scheduling interviews without any further filtering of the CVs, which I would not dream of doing with other recruiters.”

Gordon Griffin, CTO of Altus Group and Voyanta
Altus Group & Voyanta

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End, DevOps and Mobile
Seniority of Hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, Lead and Head of Engineering
Tech Stack: NodeJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, React, AWS, Android, iOS

“I have worked with Dominic over a year & RecWorks for about 4 years now. Anyone managing engineers knows just how broken the recruitment industry is for this sector, but Dominic is that rare gem who makes a real difference. He is direct with what the firm can and cannot handle. He doesn’t overload with a quantity of CVs, but only sends through screened and validated candidates, saving us an enormous amount of time. He has helped us improve our recruitment process overall, cutting down the time from interview to hire drastically and is also happy to go above and beyond to experiment with new approaches. All-in-all I cannot recommend Dominic & RecWorks highly enough.”

Joshua Wohle, CEO and Founder of SuperAwesome and Mindstone
Super Awsome

Hires made: Back End, Full Stack, Front End, DevOps, AI/ML Engineers
Seniority of hires: Junior, Mid, Senior, and Lead
Tech stack: Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, AWS

“My go to is Dominic French at Recworks. He really works on understanding your business and the type of candidates you need. Equally, if you have a requirement he feels he can’t fill, he’ll be straight with you about why. In my experience, candidates have always spoken highly of their experience with Dom.”

Marcus Keane, CTO of Smartology

Hires Made – Lead Engineer/CTO
Seniority of Hires: CTO
Tech Stack: Scala, Akka

“Regardless of the interaction they are all professional and reliable, and provide either high quality roles or candidates. The communities which they build are first class and their dedication and helpfulness in making linking and connections within those networks is outstanding.”

James McGivern, CTO of Shepherd Network
Shepherd Network

Hires Made: Back End, Full Stack
Seniority of Hires: Mid, Senior, Lead
Tech Stack: JavaScript, NodeJS, Java

“RecWorks are one of the rare recruitment teams that have a collaborative and community based approach – they really understand our team and the type of people we’re looking for so can go out and meet them in exactly the right places.”

Paul Shannon, VP Technology of 7Digital

Hires Made: Back End and Platform Engineer
Seniority of Hires: Mid
Tech Stack: Java, AWS, Terraform

“We have worked with Jacob since 2020 for our Java Developer and Platform Engineer roles, after Recworks was recommended to us. Since then, they have been among our highest performing recruiters, providing a low, steady volume of relevant CVs that saves us time and has led to a high ratio of offers to applications. Jacob is great to work with – always engaged and consistently listens to our feedback to improve the search, even for the most difficult hires.”

Jonathan Senior, CTO of OpenGamma


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