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What Is Career Hacking (part 2)

We’ve received a great response from our initial career hacking presentation. Mainly positive, some negative and some still confused about what Career Hacking is all about, so here’s a follow up:


The presentation and concept has had a number of mentions – largely around the “I wish I’d realised this when I was younger”.

Some good advice for people starting out (or wanting to improve) their careers –

— Ben Evans (@kittylyst) May 31, 2015


The RecWorks career instructions: I suspect those who follow them will be much happier than those who don’t.

— Ben Summers (@bensummers) May 26, 2015


I didn’t tend to like recruiters, but that was until I met @RecWorks. Why? because of things like this:

— Abraham Marín-Pérez (@AbrahamMarin) May 25, 2015


Presentation is really well thought and can relate to, I hope everyone feels the same!

— mani (@theNeomatrix369) May 22, 2015


I like this new presentation from @RecWorks, not least because it agrees with my approach to growing your career!

— Trisha Gee (@trisha_gee) May 21, 2015


Thanks so much for all these comments: it’s great to know that we’re reaching people with the message. We believe it’s very important that people get involved with the principles, hack their own careers and help others to hack theirs.


We also had some comments around the term ‘career hacking’. We know that the phrase may not be to everyone’s taste: we didn’t create it, but we do feel it encompasses everything we want to. We’d ask you look beyond the name to the underlying principles of mentorship, encouragement, inspiration and career development. If we just focus on those, everyone wins. We also have had a few comments around the presentation being too long – we’re iterating and will be back with an improved version soon.

Still don’t get it?

This, I’m guessing is in part because we live in such an abbreviated world that a presentation of this length may only be half-read by most. So I have prepared the following TL;DR version of the career hacking message:

Career hacking is about learning from the careers of others, to get ahead in yours.

This revolves around three concepts:

  • Proactively and intentionally seeking wise and successful folk (success here can mean whatever you view career success as – happiness, wealth, progress etc)
  • Learn from the wise folk about the destinations they have visited and which feels right for you
  • Learn from the wise folk about what path they have taken to their destinations and find the best path for you

If you want to go back and view the presentation please do so here.

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