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Top Java jobs in London to brighten your winter days!

What motivates you to get to work on a dark November morning? The team at RecWorks knows that job satisfaction is about much more than pay. Our recruiters strive to find roles that fit a developer’s skills and career aspirations like a glove, so going to work will be a pleasure and not a chore whatever the weather.

This week we’re posting some details of two of our top jobs as an illustration of the range of jobs on offer. If you’re looking for a permanent role in central London, maybe one of these is perfect for you.


The first job is for a mid-level/senior Java/Scala Developer who is looking for the opportunity to work in an autonomous team, adding new features and solving scalability issues for a high volume, low latency, transactional product.

The team is organised into cross-discipline ‘squads’ according to proposition or supporting services. Each squad follows agile practice and pursues a DevOps culture, with continuous integration/continuous delivery using GitHub, Jenkins and Nexus. There’s end-to-end ownership and the teams test-drive their code.

In terms of stack you will use Java 8, Scala, Akka, Play, REST, AWS, Spring Boot, Microservices, Cassandra, but as we’ve already mentioned there’s autonomy within the team to choose tools that are the best fit for the job.

Another stand out feature of this role is that the company offers plenty of opportunity for developers to explore new ideas,  including frequent demo days or ‘Ship It Days’.

Salary is in the range £55-£70k and there’s a 35-hr week with flexible working practices that typically includes work from home one day each week.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the full details in our job board.


Next we have opportunities with a rapidly expanding VC-backed startup operating in the information security sector. They are looking for senior JavaScript Developers and a Tech Lead to kick-start new front end projects and establish a new team.

To put it very briefly the company’s products enable global clients to safely analyse and mine sensitive data sets without compromising the individual’s right to privacy. This is an area of the industry that is currently very big business and they already have global companies and tier1 banks using their products.

They’re looking for people with experience of working on greenfield projects, who have previously developed significant front end architectures and had a big hand to play in technology selection such as JavaScript libraries. They want team players who are used to maintaining clean extensible code and who prefer to establish common team practices including sharing code, choosing technologies and building common libraries.

The salary is competitive, ranging from around £60k through to around £90k for the tech lead, with additional benefits including equity.

Want to know more? Check out the full details.


These are just two of the jobs we currently have on offer. To read the details of more great jobs please check out our job board. Please do contact us if you need any more information about any of the jobs you see.

We can also help if you are not searching for work at the moment but would be interested to know if a specific job becomes available – maybe a job using specific tech, or offering specific opportunities. Tell us more about the job that interests you, either by registering your CV or by contacting us.