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The Top RecWorks Job Opportunities – grab a coffee and see what’s new!

We know that it’s difficult to make time to keep up-to-date with the current job market when you are working so in our experience most developers only read job details when it’s time for a career move. The trouble is, if you get too out of touch with what’s on offer it can take a great deal of time and effort to search through all the options when it is time to make a career move. Our occasional posts about the opportunities currently on offer at RecWorks are designed to help developers and software engineers to keep an eye on the  job market in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. It may simply be interesting for you to check out the headlines, or it may be that one of the jobs I’m going to tell you about is your dream job…

I’ll start with something perfect for the technologically agnostic – those software engineers who like using a variety of tech languages and tools and feel constrained when they are required to work with specific tech. This vacancy is with a company with a unique profiling technology that allows them to aggregate and analyse large amounts of raw data and turn it into something meaningful for their growing client base.

The tech stack mostly consists of Clojure, Python, ReactJS, AWS, Compojure, ClojureScript and Elastic Search amongst a list others based on a micro-services architecture. They company recognise that their developers will be strongest in a particular area of the stack, but they are looking for people who are open to dipping in to other areas when needed, such as DevOps, AWS Infrastructure, web development using ReactJS, back end Clojure, microservices, some data crunching, etc. It’s important to stress they aren’t necessarily looking for developers that already come from a Clojure background (although some kind of functional programming background would be nice, whether that’s commercial or hobbyist) and experience in other languages is also fine (Python, Scala, Java). The crucially point is that they appreciate that technology moves quickly and that the best tool for the job right now might not be the best in 2-3 years times. They would like to interview developers who appreciate that too.

You can read more detail about the job requirements, salary and benefits on the RecWorks job board.

Our second featured job is in the Fintech world, where we are looking for Java developers to join an award winning Fintech start-up that specialises in predictive analytics software underpinned by machine learning. The company is developing a user-friendly software platform to allow their clients to build and deploy predictive models. The platform allows businesses to use data to automate decision making and increase profitability through the use of unique machine learning algorithms and patented Intellectual property.

The development work means getting involved in new Java8 development, algorithmic design and improvement, to develop elegant web services, data visualisations and data analytics software. This technology is all underpinned by an asynchronous distributed architecture with their own unique, highly predictive machine learning algorithms. You’d work on next generation computational intelligence techniques, solving problems that incorporate cloud infrastructure, distributed systems and cutting edge web applications.

The evolving technical stack currently includes Java8, AWS, Spark, Restful web services.

If this taste of what’s on offer has grabbed your interest check out the full details.

Finally this week I’d like to tell you about an awesome opportunity at the leading edge of web-based trading technology. This will suit a Java developer who would relish the chance to work with blue-chip global financial clients.

The main focus area will be building back-ends that connect to financial pricing, trading and entitlement systems to distribute the data over the Internet to HTML5 trading clients. The data must be delivered with extremely low-latency so prior experience with concurrency and multi threaded programming is preferred. The company are also big believers in TDD and agile.

The company’s London offices are very close to Liverpool Street station. They help investment banks, online brokers and other financial firms to build single-dealer platforms and their technology is used worldwide. Their products are tailor-made as each of the firms they work with wants to make its e-commerce offering unique, and each has its own systems, interfaces and workflows. Their products get a firm most of the way to implementing a web trading application, while allowing it to quickly and cost-effectively extend, modify and enhance the application to meet the firm’s own particular technology, business and market requirements.

There are more details here.

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