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Read all about it! Exceptional Java jobs in London with RecWorks

There is a lot going on in the London Java job market this October, and RecWorks has some truly exceptional jobs on offer: from roles offering huge scope for autonomy in your choice of tech, to jobs with extremely satisfying challenges for experienced developers and even a fully remote working opportunity.

Let’s not waste any more time – I’ll get straight to the details of a great role for someone starting a career in software development as a graduate or junior software consultant.

The role has two key requirements – the ability to produce quality code and the ability to work with clients to translate their business/user requirements into technical requirements.

This opportunity is with a fast-growing enterprise search tech firm that uses innovative techniques around artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning to digest complex information quickly for their clients.

Alongside coding you will be regularly interacting with some of the most high profile companies in the world, translating clients’ business and user requirements into technical requirements. You will work with product managers to spec out new features and help architect search-based solutions across large enterprise networks. You will write technical implementation proposals, and participate in post-sales engagements and deploy the proposed solutions. The products that you’ll be working with use very complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, which will give you some interesting exposure to these technologies.

The company has a young, dynamic and socially collaborative culture, which includes regular social nights out, brown bag sessions, and after work drinks. They are firm believers in self-improvement at every level and provide frequent and extensive training on both soft and technical skills. The starting salary is around £35k.

You can read more and apply on our website.


Next, we have a mid-level role that will be of interest if you are an experienced Java Developer with mid-level skills, Java 7 (or later) and Spring and you are looking for more autonomy in your work.

The location is London, and the salary is up to £70k, but the real appeal of this role is in the degree of freedom you have to choose the technology you work with. The team is currently focussed on building external connectivity APIs and greenfield applications, and they are using state-of-the-art Java technologies like Java 8, Spring Boot and Reactive programming with Java RX. However, they like their developers to suggest new technologies to use, and everyone in the team experiments with new technology.

On top of this, they have an excellent engineering culture, which includes having their own hack days up to 5 times per year. There are personal training and conference budgets and a massive benefit of working for them is that they pay for everyone’s zone 1 travel which is about £130/month on top of your salary – whether or not you travel on public transport!

If you’d like to know more about working for this established company with a start-up mentality, please check out the full details and get in touch with any questions, or to apply.


If that job doesn’t quite fit your criteria, here’s a senior Java developer role that also offers scope to work with a very wide range of tech and also has unusually generous opportunities for self-improvement.

The job is with an industry-leading Consultancy, renowned for providing their clients with support through disruptive changes, and focussed on improving the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of their technology and methodologies on a variety of complex engineering projects. You’ll be joining a very talented team that includes ‘thought leaders’ and those who genuinely care about the code they produce, following best practices such as Test Driven Development. The broad range of projects has an even wider technology stack including but not limited to: Java 8, Akka, Hadoop, Scala, Play, JavaScript (React/Angular/Node) and Cloud.

The company culture is very inclusive. Every year they have an off-site training camp (last year’s was in Prague), where the entire organisation comes together for mini conferences delivered by various “topic teams” to promote knowledge sharing across the company. They also invest heavily in their staff as they want to keep talented and passionate people by making sure the work is satisfying. Every employee having a training budget of £2,750 and 20 days of study leave allowance to be used, for example, for conferences, courses, or sitting exams. Salary is competitive too, being in the region of £60-£70K.

The full details are on our website.


Is the possibility of working remotely important to you? We have a very rare job for a Scala/Java 8 developer  which is fully remote – but you do have to be UK based and you will be required to come into London when the team gets together once a month. An interest in machine learning models is needed (although you wouldn’t need prior machine learning experience to apply). The annual salary is around £50K.

The role is with a funded start-up working with small and large businesses in property and housing associations. The company is aiming to follow a lean, revenue fuelled, growth model as they approach Series A funding. They are developing real-time predictive fault monitoring and alerting software that utilises technologies from the fields of machine learning and data science to monitor data from companies’ vital equipment and environments, learning their behaviour patterns with the view of providing advanced warning of future failures, minimising potential losses from disasters.

Your main responsibility will be the hands-on development of new features of their core monitoring product and the improvement of machine learning algorithms and models. You’ll need to encourage liaison between all technical staff and the wider business due to the distributed nature of the team. They follow best practices (TDD, Pairing, clean coding methods) and rely on their team members to collaboratively prioritise technical work. You’ll be exposed to areas such as DevOps, Front end development in ReactJS, Akka Streaming, Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Engineering.

As mentioned above, the team get together once a month in London. They do require you to be located in the UK and ideally in England/London.

For the full details check out the RecWorks website.


Are you a mid-level/senior developer with experience in Java and Kotlin? We have a great opportunity for a developer looking for the opportunity to make a big impact and influence key technical decisions in a project that has only recently started.

The role is with a global publisher and involves building highly distributed content-acquisition applications that will be used by millions of people, daily. The team has the autonomy to pick their hours and choice of tools but in recent times they have typically been working with: Java, Kotlin, Postgres, various NoSQL databases, ElasticSearch, Cloud Foundry and Microservices.

In this post I’ll mention just a few  of the key requirements and benefits, and you can check the rest of the details on our website. I can tell you that they are looking for opinionated but diplomatic people with a TDD mind-set, who are very strong with Java or Scala. You need to prefer trunk-based development over feature-based, and be happy to pair 80% of the time.

In addition to a salary in the region of £60-£70k the company allows 10% of working time to be spent on personal projects and they also provide a generous budget fro training and attendance at conferences. They offer flexible hours including working one remote day each week.

The full details are available on our website.


Check out this next role if you are a senior/lead fullstack developer who feels you have reached a glass ceiling in your current position.

We’re recruiting for a successful, growing, fintech startup that allows ordinary people to invest in socially responsible businesses and projects (e.g. renewable energy infrastructure) and earn a decent return on their money. The team has described their approach as pragmatic but playful with technology: they’ll actively research new ways of doing things and bring it in to product if it works best. They also provide an autonomous and flexible working environment – flexi-hours are the norm with a license for occasional working from home. The culture is friendly, relaxed and collaborative.

They’re looking to hire a senior/lead developer to work with 2 other fullstack developers as well as their CTO and Chief Architect and you would a heavy influence on the technical direction of the overall platform. You would have a deep technical involvement across the fullstack from backend Java8, Spring, Dropwizard, Docker and AWS to a JavaScript/Angular based front end, and ownership of technical strategy, advising around the design and architecture of the platform and new features whilst also implementing coding best practices. The role would initially  involve some hands on development and you’d be expected to hold code reviews, mentor developers and help scale the team.

You can apply for this job or just read the full details on our website. 


The final news for today is that we are recruiting for various lead engineer roles in a global titan of e-commerce, which has the mission to use technology to provide buyers with the greatest variety of choice and quality, while providing sellers with the strongest platform available to grow their business. They have various lead engineer roles available depending on your experience and career aspirations, paying up to £90k. All are agile development lead roles involving mentoring and leading people in the team, but some are more management focused, others are more technically focused. Their stack is primarily Java, Scala and JavaScript based.

As well as highly competitive salaries, benefits include having very high spec dev machines to work on, incredible offices with awesome facilities, a generous bonus and stock options and an excellent highly agile working environment.

Check out the full details of requirements and benefits online.


If you are actively job hunting, I hope that one of the roles I’ve written about above looks perfect for you. However, if the jobs I have told you about aren’t quite right for you, or if you are not actively searching for your next career move just yet, there are more ways that the team at RecWorks can help you:

  •  Check out our full job board to see many more great jobs.
  • Or tell us about the job that would interest you and register your CV with us. We’ll look out for new opportunities that are perfect for you.
  • Or contact us with any questions you may have about RecWorks and the way we can help you.

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