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Open letter to RecWorks applicants (for a Junior Account Executive role)

So you have come across this page or may have been directed to it; RecWorks is looking for new junior account executives. As you’ll read, we have very specific requirements for our new account executives, so here’s some more information to explain our background, our approach and our culture and details of the job.

If you like what you read about our company and believe you are the right person to join us, there is a short challenge to complete, which is explained below.

Read on for:

An introduction to the position, the industry and the role at RecWorks

Information about our approach

A summary of the job details

Information about the role

Information about our culture

The training we provide

More about the qualities we are looking for in our junior account executives

The package we are offering to the right person

Details of how to apply

Introduction to the position, the industry and the role at RecWorks:

Before you read on, check out our short presentation on RecWorks to give you an overview of our approach and the sort of people who will fit into our team. If you like what you read in the slides, then read on!


The tech industry in London is in a great place at the moment. It’s growing in almost every area and there is a severe shortage of tech talent, which means there is a lot of opportunity for anyone working in the talent sourcing industry, like us.

As we mentioned in the presentation, typically, the tech recruitment industry has a very bad reputation. This is true around the world but especially so in London. You may have read a report released some months ago on a news site about how bad things were. RecWorks are one of the few companies that have built up a strong reputation in the market and you can see some comments on this post to show how we are perceived in the industry:

The truth is that we are more than just a recruitment agency. At RecWorks, our aim is to fix the technical recruitment industry using the power of community. We are a unique consultancy focused around recruitment and social networks. We want to prove that recruiters can go beyond just placing people, become a power of good in the industry and go some way to redress the poor reputation of tech recruiters.

 Our approach:

We discovered that many of the best developers in London typically spend their spare time trying to improve their talent by attending events, working on online projects and engaging with the community, so we decided to change our business model and approach things differently to typical tech recruiters. Whilst we generate 100% of our revenue from recruitment, we spend 50% of our time on community-focused work. Rather than spend our time and money on SEO or aggressive cold calling campaigns, we do good things in the industry around building communities, organising events and running graduate mentoring initiatives. We then spend time networking, building long term, trusted relationships and proactively seeking referrals and recommendations. It’s a win-win, in that we help plug the gaps in the tech industry, are the first-choice agency for many of the best developers in London and are developing connections with many of the industry’s top employers.

We founded the London Java Community in 2007 and have since invested vast amounts of time and money growing it up to one of the largest and most active Java User Groups in the world. It is currently growing by over 100 Java developers every month. We organise 3-4 events per month on the latest technologies, to attract the best developers, then get to know as many of the attendees as we can, developing a relationship with them that extends after the event. We’re also involved in other initiatives such as a graduate mentoring initiative to encourage students to become more passionate about software development, and a campaign connecting open source projects with potential new developers.

When you consider our reputation, our unique position within the tech community and the opportunities within the tech industry in London you can see that we are in a great position to grow our business; this is our intention over the next few years – the sky really is the limit. Our approach is to primarily hire entry-level recruiters to ensure that everyone in RecWorks is trained how to recruit ‘the RecWorks way’ and doesn’t bring with them bad habits they may have learned in other agencies. Our intention is to promote from within. This means that all the seniors in our company started in this exact position: they understand what is required to progress so they are able to offer support and coaching along the way. It also means new divisions and areas we are planning will be led by the Junior Account Executives that we recruit now. In fact we already have people within the organisation that have progressed quickly from graduates to become leaders of new divisions within RecWorks.

We offer salaries and commission above industry average. We offer all new starters a company MacBook pro and iPhone and give people training and encouragement to be at their best as quickly as possible. In return we expect people to work hard, adhere to our values and help grow our business.

The challenge for us is that we want to grow our business with friendly, confident and ambitious consultants, but we do not want to recruit arrogant and overconfident sales people… we have a team of genuine, friendly people and are keen to retain this culture within RecWorks throughout our growth.

Summary of job details:

RecWorks has a rapidly expanding client base and we need junior account executives and account managers to offer consultancy and recruitment services to companies that want to grow their software teams.

The role:

The role will involve working within a team environment with others who will work on accounts with you and help source talent. Your role will be to work with account directors and clients themselves, representing clients to potential new candidates and negotiating offers. You must be committed to the RecWorks culture.

Our culture:

RecWorks has a startup environment full of bright, motivated and enthusiastic people. Our company values include being genuine, constantly trying new things and above all respecting each other. As a result the team dynamic provides a friendly and supportive place to work.

It helps our environment that our seniors have all worked their way up from a junior level and are prepared to offer the support you need to be successful.


We believe in building a sustainable workforce. We invest in our staff and aim to promote our employees from Junior to Management inside two years. You will receive full one-on-one mentorship and coaching throughout this time as we want to make you the best you can be.

All of our senior staff started from this exact role and are an example of where you could find yourself in years to come!

 About you:

No previous experience required.

We are looking for individuals who:

Have a good degree, ideally in a business/finance/technical subject.

Are genuine and value respect and honesty in those that they associate themselves with.

Are a ‘people person’, gets on well with others and enjoys forming new relationships.

Are ambitious and not looking to stand still in their career.

Are technically minded, interested in mobile apps, IT, software development.

May have an entrepreneurial streak or want to work in a position in which they can earn commission and bonuses based on the work they do.

Have the ability to work at a fast pace and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on only recruiting genuine, friendly people so if that sounds like you, you’ll fit in perfectly!


You will be paid a salary of £21,000.00 (OTE £35,000.00), you will also be given a company MacBook pro and iPhone.

If all this sounds good to you, and you are interested in applying for a role with RecWorks to be a Junior Account Executive – this is our challenge:

Please email us with your CV and the following information:

– Are you specifically looking for a career in recruitment? If so, why? (It’s not a problem either way, but helps us understand your situation).

– What is important to you about your next role?

– Can you tell us something interesting about you that is not on your CV? (Around 100 words recommended)

– What is it you like about the role at RecWorks / our company in general?

– If you were personally to hire an account executive for a recruitment business, and had only three questions to ask potential candidates, what three questions would you ask and how would you judge their answers? (This is not a trick question!)

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