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One RecWorker’s tech adventure

When we set up RecWorks we knew that we wanted the company to be different from run of the mill recruiters. We wanted RecWorks to make a difference in tech by fitting the right people to the right jobs, and by building networks and communities.

One of our technically trained RecWorkers has written about her adventures so far with RecWorks. Her story shows brilliantly what we are about and why getting the right job is so important – to individuals, to their employers and to us.


Ruby Javid graduated with a Computer Science degree and lots of questions about which direction her career should take. Coding wasn’t for her – she enjoyed it but it wasn’t where she saw herself spending her career. Ruby checked out opportunities with high profile organisations including Siemens and the Ministry of Defence, and used the interview process to explore her options, but something was missing. It was only when she followed up on a vacancy as a researcher with RecWorks that she found a job with the right opportunities and challenges.

We won’t repeat the details – you can simply go to Ruby’s blog to see for yourself – but we can tell you that RecWorks was as pleased to find Ruby as she was to find us. We are always looking to recruit people passionate about tech in our ongoing efforts to fix tech recruitment, and building a team of like-minded people is key to this.

RecWorks is currently recruiting for our own teams, so if you can relate to Ruby’s story, please get in touch.



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