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Looking for your first tech job after graduation?

If you aren’t already looking for your first job after graduation, it’s likely that you soon will be.

There are many options open to you when you start your search. You could:

  • Use your personal contacts
  • Read job boards and newspaper ads
  • Follow up on contacts through internships and volunteering
  • Meet employers on the Milkround
  • Sign up with a recruitment agency

Let’s look at that last one. Have you heard bad things about recruitment agencies? Well, so have we! But if you use an ethical agency – one like RecWorks  (specialists in Java and graduate placements) – this could be the best way for you to find the job you want. Especially if you aren’t certain of the best job for you, or your best way forward…

If you choose to register with RecWorks you’ll get a specialist graduate recruiter who will call you at a time that suits you. They’ll:

  • Chat about your CV and the jobs that might be just right for you
  • Tell you about jobs you may not have considered that might be right for you
  • Tell you about the things you can do to improve your CV and your chances of being shortlisted

Once the right job has been found, the recruiter will:

  • Guide you through the application process and do what they can to help get you on the shortlist
  • Meet the company’s hiring team, to discuss each candidate on the shortlist
  • Be available for advice if you are selected for interview
  • Be able to give you feedback if you aren’t selected for interview

If you want to know more about RecWorks, email Maggie Cranford mc@recworks.co.uk and she’ll answer your questions. If you’d like to be put in touch with a recruiter, please also attach your CV and tell her a little bit about the sort of job you are looking for, and she’ll do the rest.

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