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Introducing #ByRecWorks

  • 13 Tech communities

  • 10000+ People

  • 3000+ mentor introductions

  • 800+ Events

We were humbled to have recently been quoted as “…redefining the value recruiters can bring to the community” by Jim Gough,  Java Champion. It’s one of many things that have lead to a new brand here at RecWorks.

2020 has been one like no other for everyone, there has been uncertainty and negativity all around us. So, at RecWorks we have chosen to look to the tech community and see what we could do, to bring positivity, energy and opportunities for growth for people within the industry.

So far this year we have organised 140+ virtual events across a wide range of communities and recently made our 3000th personal introduction between mentee and mentor. It’s been far and away our biggest year for community involvement, mentor introductions and creating new groups and opportunities. We have now created a brand for all this work to live under.

Introducing #ByRecWorks

A brand that represents and brings together all the work we do in this space. Communities founded by RecWorks, events organised by RecWorks and initiatives run by RecWorks. Basically, everything we do to try and help people within the tech industry find a passion for what they do, meet other people that share that passion and grow within their career.

Some of the highlights:

LJC (London Java Community) 

The oldest, largest and most active community founded #ByRecWorks. Created in 2007, the community has grown to over 8000 members. We have organised over 600 events within the LJC. Many international Java keynote speakers and Java Champions have given their first presentation at an LJC event. Many great global initiatives have been created within the LJC and it is considered one of the most active Java User Groups in the world. 

Meet a Mentor 

Founded #ByRecWorks, we have made 3000 mentor introductions and counting. The best bit of this community is that it’s not done through automation but with real people matching mentors and mentees together to form relationships. This year we have extended Meet a Mentor as part of our new #LikeMe initiative we are now able to connect people with others that look, think or act like you. Someone you can relate to. Whether this is related to your gender, race, neurodiversity, sexuality, disability or any other social identity.

London CTOs 

Established in 2010 and organised #ByRecWorks. The aim of this group is to provide a space for technical leaders to come together and discuss the challenges that they face in the role. This year we’ve moved our events online and have held over 20 events, all designed to give members the chance to share their experiences and learn from each other so that they can grow in the role.


A diversity/DEI focussed initiative within Meet a Mentor and many of our groups. We have been approached many times by people that have struggled to find, in their words “a mentor that looks like me” or as someone put it recently “Seeing role models that look like you makes it very realistic and achievable”. Based on this, we want to make it easier for you to connect with someone that looks, thinks or acts like you. Someone you can relate to. Whether this is related to your gender, race, neurodiversity, sexuality, disability or any other social identity. Hence we build this opt-in functionality into all our mentor matching services. 

Aspiring Speakers 

This group has grown out of our personal belief in the power that public speaking can have on career growth. This group was founded #ByRecWorks to provide mentorship and encouragement to those looking to take their first steps in the world of public speaking. Members are able to do many things including matching up with a mentor, attending free workshops where they can learn practically, listen to events from experienced speakers and enjoy a safe space to practice their speaking skills as well as be part of a community of others on the same journey.

Aspiring Women Speakers 

We have been approached by many women who wanted a place to connect with others on the same journey, so decided to create a dedicated group specifically for women. Created #ByRecWorks this group is committed to helping to promote diversity within the tech community and could come together and grow in their speaking journey. So far, we have over 40 members, many of whom have spoken and have extremely positive things to say about the experience.

Interim and Fractional CTOs 

We’ve noticed over recent years that the Interim or Fractional CTO role has grown in popularity. This group created #ByRecWorks provides a space for those already working in an interim or fractional capacity or those looking to make the move to come together and discuss the challenges they face. We interview people that are already working in this space and connect people with opportunities amongst other things in this space. 

Aspiring CTOs and Aspiring Women CTOs 

These are groups founded #ByRecWorks where those who aspire to be in a CTO role in the future can network with others who have similar goals. We organise events, introduce members to mentors and send out details of CTO roles – everything we can to help members progress to the executive team. 

Aspiring Principal Engineers and Aspiring Women Principals 

These groups founded #ByRecWorks are designed for mid/senior-level developers to have a safe space to work on their underlying tech skills. We know from experience that a focus on these skills rather than just specific programme languages can really boost career prospects. We help developers work on these skills by providing access to experts through roundtable events and matching members up with mentors.

Front Endgineers

Founded #ByRecWorks in 2013, this group is aimed at those who have a specific interest in front end technologies. We aim to help developers keep up with the latest industry developments and technologies through our forum and regular events. We’ve moved our events online this year and have enjoyed some great presentations – including a look at Angular and React.

Graduate Developer Community

Founded #ByRecWorks This was initially created to help graduates bridge the gap between academia and industry. Having seen the benefits for juniors and young people of getting involved in open source programming, tech communities and speaking to seniors in the industry our main aim has always been to encourage more students and pre graduates to engage with technical communities at an earlier stage. As a result have seen many many students go on to win dream jobs

Groovy and Grails User Group

We assumed control of the group when the founder could no longer manage the workload. As the name suggests, it’s a group designed to be a space for those with a specific interest in the Groovy language and its ecosystem to come together. #ByRecWorks have organised some great virtual events this year including an in-depth look at Grails 4 and a presentation on all the new features in Groovy 3.

2021 and beyond

We have plans to keep organising more virtual events going back to organising in person events and looking forward to working toward 5000 mentor introductions. We have plans for new groups and initiatives.

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