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Developer Careers Guide 13: Interview guide. Preparing for and attending interviews

The previous 12 posts in the RecWorks Developer Careers Guide have all been about showing a prospective employer that you would be a good person to interview. Now we come to the interview process itself.

Interviews can be incredibly nerve-racking. Many people hate them with a passion. The aim of this section of the guide is to give you supreme confidence in attending interviews by offering advice on preparation, building rapport with interviewers and how best to sell yourself in an interview. We will show you how it’s possible to enjoy being interviewed.

The ethos behind interviews is very different to the ethos behind CV writing. CV writing and applying for jobs are about making sure that the employer will have no reason not to interview you.  However, if you get to the interview stage then you will most likely be up against two or three other people who are similarly, or even better, qualified for the position. At this point the principle changes to actively trying to get the job offer.

There are likely to be at least two stages to the interviews. The primary objective in the early stage interviews is to get through to the next stage. The objective in the final interview is to get the offer.

The first thing to remember is that you would not be asked in for an interview if the employer had any doubts that you were potentially right for the position. Your CV has done its work and the employer likes you already; it’s your job to make sure that they do not change their mind.

There are four different parts to our interview guide:

Interview Types – This section of the Developer Career Guide will take you through the different types of interview, which some companies offer. This will help you prepare for all possible scenarios.

Preparing for Interviews – This will help you to feel totally prepared for the interview so that you can stride into the interview room with confidence that you can handle any situation.

Attending Interviews – Ideas on how to present yourself to help you to sell yourself as effectively as possible.

The Top 2% – Some optional extra ideas that really will put you in the top 2% of interviewees.

We’ll look at each of these elements in detail in our next posts…

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