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Community matters to RecWorks. And this is why…

RecWorks is proud to support the Graduate Developer Community (GDC) and the Meet a Mentor scheme that the community runs. The idea behind the scheme is to give students the opportunity to meet developers from a whole range of software specialisms, environments and backgrounds; to find out what it’s like to work in different fields of the software industry today, and about the different routes developers have taken to get where they are today. Meet a Mentor events are very different from employers’ fairs, as none of the mentors are trying to ‘sell’ their company: it’s all about helping students/graduates understand the industry better and make better choices. You only have to go along to a session to understand how much the scheme is valued by students and mentors alike.

For us, to see what students are asking about, and to hear what developers are saying about the direction their careers are taking and the languages and skills they are currently learning is really useful. This gives us at RecWorks the best insight possible into the industry, the opportunities and issues facing developers and employers and the gaps that can be filled through working as a community.

Currently, data science is being talked about more and more. Not only are more students at Meet a Mentor sessions interested in working in this field, but RecWorks is also attracting more clients looking for candidates with data science skills. So we’re happy to be working with an awesome new partner, the Graduate Data Science Initiative (GDSi). We’ve known Fatos, the initiative’s founder, for some years: he was a member of the GDC and a regular mentor long before he set up the GDSi, and now we are beginning to organize GDC events with the GDSi.

We’ll be working together on more events and initiatives in the future, so watch this space!

Check out GDC and GDSi events, and our RecWorks job search.

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