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Relocating to the UK

By recworks on Sunday, 9 August, 2015

Introducing Adam Bolton, who runs ABRecruit, a company specialising in .Net roles (as opposed to the RecWorks focus on Java related roles). Adam recently blogged about the serious business of applying for jobs as a developer in London from the point of view of someone relocating here from another country. The cultural…

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Open letter to a candidate RecWorks has rejected

By recworks on Wednesday, 1 July, 2015

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you have been rejected for a job you’ve recently applied for at RecWorks. And the chances are that we rejected your application before we even read your CV was because of errors in your covering letter. Do you think that’s unfair? In…

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Career Hacking: Why you really should Meet a Mentor in 2016

By recworks on Saturday, 28 March, 2015

What are your options when you graduate? Would it be best to work in a start up or in a multinational company? Which new  technologies are the ones that you would be best advised to learn? RecWorks and the Graduate Developer Community are asked questions like these every day. We…

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What Is Career Hacking (part 2)

By recworks on Saturday, 21 March, 2015

We’ve received a great response from our initial career hacking presentation. Mainly positive, some negative and some still confused about what Career Hacking is all about, so here’s a follow up: Positive The presentation and concept has had a number of mentions – largely around the “I wish I’d realised this…

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Career Hacking (TL;DR)

By recworks on Saturday, 14 March, 2015

Career hacking is about learning from the careers of others, to get ahead in yours. This revolves around three concepts: Proactively and intentionally seeking wise and successful folk (success here can mean whatever you view career success as – happiness, wealth, progress etc)   Learn from the wise folk about…

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