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What Is Career Hacking (part 2)

By recworks on Saturday, 21 March, 2015

We’ve received a great response from our initial career hacking presentation. Mainly positive, some negative and some still confused about what Career Hacking is all about, so here’s a follow up: Positive The presentation and concept has had a number of mentions – largely around the “I wish I’d realised this…

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Career Hacking (TL;DR)

By recworks on Saturday, 14 March, 2015

Career hacking is about learning from the careers of others, to get ahead in yours. This revolves around three concepts: Proactively and intentionally seeking wise and successful folk (success here can mean whatever you view career success as – happiness, wealth, progress etc)   Learn from the wise folk about…

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Career Hacking FAQs

By recworks on Sunday, 1 March, 2015

Q. Is this just about meeting people that have been there and done it? A. No – though we would recommend that as a great starting point. You can hack your career in all manner of different ways. Career Hacking an umbrella term which encompasses just about anything that you…

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