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Developer Careers Guide 9: Career History

By recworks on Sunday, 7 December, 2014

Your career history should be presented with the current/most recent company first, and then others in reverse chronological order. Present every company in the same font, size, and format. Include the company name, time period that you were employed and your job title. Beneath this you should include a very…

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Developer Careers Guide 8: Technical Skills

By recworks on Monday, 1 December, 2014

As a developer, it’s essential that your CV presents information about your technical skills in the right way.  Making a distinction between your ‘technology portfolio’ and your ‘ability’ as a programmer is crucial. ‘Ability’ is a term that describes who you are:  how you approach programming, what you value, your…

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Developer Careers Guide 7: Personal information and personal statement

By recworks on Friday, 21 November, 2014

In the previous post in the Developer Careers Guide we covered the main sections that your CV should include and in this post we begin to explain the content for each section, starting with personal information. Your CV needs to start with basic factual information about you, and must include…

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Developer Careers Guide 6: CV Guide. Information to include

By recworks on Friday, 14 November, 2014

CVs are highly subjective things. Everyone will read them differently and your CV will be viewed differently by various people in the selection process. It may be read as a complete document, start to finish, or it may be used purely as a point of reference of your key skills….

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