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According to the weather forecasters, 1 September is the beginning of Autumn. Hopefully there is still plenty of Summer left, but now the main holiday season is behind us it could be a good time to review the job market for Java developers in London and see what opportunities are currently available. This post is designed to help by bringing you an overview of three great roles, one each for mid level, senior and junior developers.

The whole team at RecWorks is committed to working with communities and learning from each other – it’s what gives our recruiters their insights into the industry and what developers and employers alike are looking for, and helps us make placements that are perfect for all concerned. So I am delighted that the first top job I am bringing you this time is with a particularly community-minded company whose are often involved in meetups and conferences. They are looking for a mid level full stack developer, and are offering a competitive salary around 55-70k.

  • How does your list of good things to have in a job compare to what they are offering?
  • A focus on financial exchange software performance, so investigative work is often called for, digging deep into the internals of systems to understand how they behave
  • Working with team members to find the best way to meet a specific requirement, or implement a required feature
  • Expectation that half a day each working week can be spent on self-chosen projects outside immediate business priorities
  • The possibility of some working from home

The majority of their code base is in their language of choice -Java. There is a decent chunk of web technology (JavaScript, HTML, CSS and frameworks such as Angular2 & Vue.js) and SQL too.

Check out the full details online, and follow the links to apply for this role.


Are you a Java Developer with experience in building high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade systems? Does the opportunity to take on a senior role in a talented software team that works on mission-critical applications appeal to you? If so, don’t miss this role…

We have a role that involves undertaking Java / Java EE application development while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing. You will be one of the most senior members of the technical team, so there is a real opportunity for this to become a leadership role. You will work very closely with the experienced and successful CTO whose track record includes running and selling a 250 person business. You’ll have considerable autonomy in your work and the opportunity to implement and champion best practice techniques.

Here’s a little background on the company. They are an ambitious startup in the finance sector and they have developed a finance solution that provides their customers with a revolving credit facility to make payments to their suppliers. They work with leading customers that don’t want their growth constrained by lack of working capital.

There are currently 10 people in the business and they are looking to grow their tech team at their recently opened London office. Salary up to 90k.

Full details are available in our job board.


I’ll finish this week with an awesome role that I mentioned in the August post and which is still open. Don’t waste a moment in finding out more if this junior and mid-level role for Java/Scala developers with strong problem solving skills and the desire to work with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques is for you. The salary is in the range 35-50k and the job is with an enterprise search tech firm that uses innovative techniques around AI, big data and machine learning in order to digest complex information quickly for their clients. They are growing rapidly and they are looking for highly talented software engineers to join the team.

In this role you will add new features and continually improve one of their core products using a mixture of Java, Scala and modern web technologies. You will also help refactor the existing code base and improve the test coverage using TDD/BDD. You’ll need to have a strong academic background (minimum 2.1 in Computer Science) as well as knowledge of Java and OO design, knowledge of data structures, Spring or Play and a genuine interest in AI, machine learning, natural language processing and big data, which are all central to this role.

Of course, it’s not just the work that needs to appeal – the company culture needs to be a good fit too. I can tell you that this company has a very young, dynamic and socially collaborative culture, which includes regular social nights out, brown bag sessions, and after work drinks. They are firm believers in self-improvement at every level and provide frequent and extensive training on both soft and technical skills.

If you’d like to apply for this job, or to read more detail check out the details in our job board


These jobs are of course just a taste of the full range of opportunities on offer at RecWorks.



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