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WebAssembly (and the death of JavaScript?)

On Wednesday 16th May, the Front Endgineers London, in association with RecWorks, are running an event where we’ll consider ‘WebAssembly (and the death of JavaScript?)’

During the talk we’ll look at what’s wrong with the way we’re using JavaScript today and why we need WebAssembly. We’ll delve into the internals, giving a quick tour of the WebAssembly instruction set, memory and security model; then we’ll move on to the more practical aspects of using it with Rust, Java, C++ and JavaScript. Finally, we’ll do some crystal-ball gazing and see what the future might hold for this rapidly evolving technology, and ask the question – “Is WebAssembly going to kill JavaScript?”

We’ll be joined at the event by guest speaker, Colin Eberhardt. Colin is the Technology Director at Scott Logic where they create complex application for financial services clients. He is an avid technology enthusiast, spending his evenings contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and learning as much as he can.

Ahead of the event we caught up with Colin; he gave us a summary of his ambitions for the event, why the presentation is important and his advice for new developers.

1. Who do you think should come along?

That’s a good question! Considering that WebAssembly is a web technology, you’d expect this to be a talk that is just of interest to web / JavaScript developers. However, the whole point of WebAssembly is that it will allow almost any language to target the web. This means the talk should be of interest to C# developers, Java developers, Rust, Go, C++, Swift … pretty much everyone!

2. What do you think are the three most interesting questions that this event will answer?

What on earth is this WebAssembly thing, and what’s all the hype about?
Haven’t we seen this all before with Flash and Silverlight, how does WebAssembly differ from plugins?
How will WebAssembly affect me, and is it a new language I have to learn or know about?

3. Why do you think this presentation is important for people?

The web is the most ubiquitous platform for delivering content and application. For the past 23 years the only language it has supported is JavaScript. As of last year, there is a new language / runtime, called WebAssembly – this is one of the most significant things to have happened on the web in decades. WebAssembly is going to change the web! (for the better)

4. Any advice for junior developers entering the industry?

There are a lot of jobs out there for developers – find the right one for you. Find your passion, is it mobile? desktop? microservice architectures? cloud? When you find something you are really passionate about, something you can’t stop reading about, talking about, hacking with, then you will become a real expert.

If you’d like to join us at the event it’s happening on 16th May, 18:00 – 20:00 at Just Eat Technology, EC4M 7RD and is kindly sponsored by the folks @justeat_tech. You can find all the registration details here:

If you’d like to, you can also find Colin on Twitter @ColinEberhardt

For more information on the Front Endgineers London, please check out our meetup page –

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