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Let’s talk garbage. JVM Garbage Collection in 2018

Join us in London for an interactive, engaging event where we’ll be discussing the state of Java Garbage Collection in 2018. This fishbowl style meetup will feature experienced participants, so come prepared with your most challenging questions and discussion points – that’s what we’re looking for.

We’ll be taking a look at a broad range of questions across the topic, so here’s a sneak peek at our lucky seven:

1. Have there been any major GC changes in Java 9?

2. When should you think about GC Tuning your application rather than undertaking other performance improvements?

3. What are the different collectors available in OpenJDK/Oracle JDK and when should you think about selecting a different collector?

4. What options are GC performance improvement options beyond OpenJDK/Oracle JDK?

5. How do I get GC information out of the JVM and in what format?  Does this process impact / harm my application?

6. What tooling can help me interpret the data?

7. What are some go to resources for understanding how GC works in Java?

Think you can contribute to discussions on any of these points? Do you have expertise that you could throw into the bowl?  Then you’ll need to pencil in late March/early April into your diary because you’re invited.

Get in touch today and we’ll send you an advance invite.

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