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Full Stack Developer – (Ref:2892) – (Mid Level) – 50-75K


  • Job Title
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Location
  • London
  • Salary
  • 50-75K
  • Type
  • Permanent
  • Work From Home
  • No

Technology Used


  • Java 8
  • JavaScript
  • Angular2
  • Vue.js
  • SQL


  • Highly Distributed Systems
  • Concurrency


  • Agile
  • Pair Programming
  • TDD / BDD / DDD
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Automation


Must Have

  • 2 years JavaScript experience
  • 2 years Java experience
  • Agile
  • Care for writing clean, re-usable code
  • Happy in a paired environment
  • Modern JavaScript libraries


  • Attends meetups/conferences
  • Strong academics - Computer Science Degree
  • Concurrency
  • Multi threaded programming
  • Worked on highly transactional sytems


You will be working with other members of the team to determine how to implement a given feature or meet a specific requirement. This is a fairly fluid process with lots of discussion and white-boarding, while avoiding extensive documentation.

Coding, and lots of it. The majority of their code base is in Java, which continues to be their language of choice – they stay up to date and use the latest versions and language features. There is a decent chunk of web technology (JavaScript, HTML, CSS and frameworks such as Angular2 & Vue.js) and SQL too.

Performance testing and profiling. Working on a financial exchange brings some interesting throughput and latency challenges, so they care a lot more about software performance than many other organisations. This often requires investigative work and digging deep into the internals of their systems to understand how they behave.



Being one of the pioneers of continuous delivery, development follows an agile/lean model, based on pair programming, continuous delivery and automated testing. Developers work closely with the business analysts to refine and deliver business requirements in a series of rapid iterations. While they employ a number of technology specialists, each developer is expected to be proficient in the full range of technologies used, and will build, test and deliver fully functional system components that may span the full technology stack.

They are community minded and are often out attending or speaking at conferences.

They manage their workflow to free up Friday afternoons to work on self-chosen projects outside of the immediate business priorities.

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