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We pride ourselves on taking a different approach when it comes to finding the best developers for your roles, which is why so many of London’s top tech startups and established companies rely on RecWorks. We take the time to not only understand the role on offer, but also to delve into all the intangibles that make the difference between the success or failure of placing a candidate – the culture, the commute, the disciplines and team structure. We know which candidates are happy to contract, and the ones who will flourish in the security of a permanent role.

Our heritage in working inside the technical community ensures we understand the differences between Java and JavaScript, and we ensure our consultants go beyond the buzzwords to keep abreast of the latest technologies and the principles behind them. We don’t just keyword search job engines for CVs – our far-reaching community connections can help uncover the most active and engaged programmers in London for your vacancy. When we send you candidates we think are right for you, we do so with an insight other recruiters can’t always match, considering whether the value and culture fit between client and candidate is right too.

This isn’t just us blowing smoke – if you have any doubts, take a look at the comments on this awesome blog post.


tl:dr – we get tech


We like to keep in contact after placing candidates, ensuring things are working out as anticipated and to be ready to step in, if for any reason it’s not.


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RecWorks also has a sister company, PFR, which specialises in enterprise sales recruitment in tech markets.


“RecWorks are one of the rare recruitment teams that have a collaborative and community based approach – they really understand our team and the type of people we’re looking for so can go out and meet them in exactly the right places.”
Paul Shannon, 7Digital