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RecWorks is run from offices in London, and currently employs over 20 people, recruiting for multiple programming disciplines, front and back end roles, from graduates to CTOs. 

tl:dr – What matters to us:

  • To be nice to people
  • To understand Java tech and the community around it, to be better at recruiting the right people
  • To build long term – not one-off – relationships with candidates

Our story

RecWorks was founded by Barry and Tanya Cranford in 2006. The company was borne from a belief that recruitment didn’t have to be an unethical, cold place to be and that an opportunity existed to learn from others, to deliver an outstanding recruitment service.

Through its communities, RecWorks has built a business very different from other recruitment agencies. 

Our core values:

Not only being nice, 
    but also being genuine

We value people being nice to one another, but also being 100% genuine.


Not only delivering a quality service,
    but also striving for recommendations

We strive to deliver the kind of service that people tell their friends and colleagues about.


Not only having a good pitch,
    but also believing actions speak louder than words

We have a great pitch, but follow through on everything we promise.


Not only constantly trying new things, 
    but also progressively improving

We spend a lot of time coming up with new ways to solve the talent puzzle. The things that work we stick with.


Not only working hard, 
    but taking accountability to get results

We are highly target driven. From day one a lot of focus is placed on making sure individuals contribute true value to the business.


Not only community over cold calling, 
    but also giving back to the community

We are committed to investing time and money into the tech community as a way of building and developing relationships.


…and above all else, we value respect

We see respect as our main value. We believe that with mutual respect everything is effortless, but with disrespect things are impossible. We respect our clients and our colleagues.


RecWorks approach business in a lean, community-driven way, continuously refining its services from client and candidate feedback; inspired by tech business models and processes. Word of mouth and personal recommendations from our network continue to contribute to RecWorks’ impressive record of progressive, sustained growth in the London tech recruitment industry.

We ♥ community

RecWorks’ set up our first community, the LJC, to help us better understand developers and technologies, in order to develop a recruitment company that delivered what people really wanted. Our commitment to developing communities has proven that by building these for the greater good, the best candidates gravitate to us when they are seeking a new role. There is significant testimony in our groups that we are the good guys. This credibility is essential to us – it shapes everything that we do. 

LJC: In 2007, RecWorks set up the London Java Community (LJC). The community has grown from 250 members in 2007, to today’s membership of over 5,500 members, making it one of the largest Java communities in the world. 

GDC: In 2009, RecWorks founded the Graduate Developer Community, an active community for both undergraduates and recent graduates. Over 1,200 members.

London CTOs: In 2010, the London CTOs group was founded, to help London-based technical leaders to meet and discuss new technologies and share experiences of technology deployments in their organisation. Over 750 members.

Front Endgineers London: In 2013, a group for Front Endgineers was established for software engineers using front end technologies. Currently has over 1,100 members.

London Groovy and Grails: In 2016, we took over the running of the London Groovy and Grails group, with the same ethos of building communities, to better serve the industry.

Work for RecWorks

We’re always looking to hire enthusiastic, hardworking people to join our team, at all levels. A background in recruitment isn’t essential, as we offer great training in the RecWorks way.

We pride ourselves on only recruiting genuine, friendly people. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit in perfectly, so get in touch and tell us why you think you’d be an asset to our company.