“Barry and his team are the best recruitment agents I've worked with in over 10 years as a developer.

If you are a Java developer looking for your next step I highly recommend you contact them first. On the downside dealings with other agents will seem poor in contrast!”

Ken Wolf on LinkedIn

“Barry is a very different kind of recruiter - he cares passionately about the technical community, the people in it and the power of technology. He invests large amounts of time, money and energy into the community and organising events and new ways to connect people.

If you're a company looking to hire staff, and are tired of the same old recruiters, who are basically secondhand car salesmen in sharp suits - then talk to Barry. Or if you're a Java developer looking for a job who wants to be treated like a real human being instead of product - then talk to Barry.”

Ben Evans, Lead Application Developer, Deutsche Bank on LinkedIn

“Thanks for sharing the news about ClearView's transformation. You impressed me as the only recruiters I've ever met who made a genuine attempt to understand the technology rather than count buzzwords.

Not only am I immensely grateful you you and the others at ClearView/RecWorks for finding me a new position which I'm very excited about but I'd like to say “thank you” for all the effort you've put into the LJC over the years. It's no exaggeration to say that the LJC has changed my life for the better - I've learned a lot at the LJC events and met many people I respect and admire. My life would be less rich without the LJC in it.”

Dave Snowdon, Technical Architect

“LMAX uses RecWorks as one of our preferred suppliers. The quality and quantity of candidates we get from Barry is much higher than we have seen with other companies. He's got to know us personally and understands the type of team we've built and the sorts of people we like. Creating the LJC has given him both a deep understanding of our industry that traditional agents lack, and access to a network of extremely good developers, many of whom would not normally use the traditional recruitment process (i.e. agencies).

Because Barry understands our business and personally knows many of the developers in his network, he provides a unique recruitment service - more like bespoke tailoring than an off-the-shelf product.”

Trisha Gee, LMAX, LinkedIn

“I've worked with Barry since early 2010, and cannot speak highly enough of him. He's an all-round great guy - not only is he friendly, personable, and professional - he is a genuinely passionate, knowledgeable and talented recruiter. He has developed and designed creative solutions to source the very best candidates for ThoughtWorks, and his patience, determination and tenacity never ceases to amaze me. His work with the London Java Community is highly impressive.”

Sarah Howe, ThoughtWorks, LinkedIn

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