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Choosing The Right Path

graduate careers london Having started life predominantly focused on Java recruitment we became aware that graduates were completing their studies without a clear direction or passion for software development. Working with others in the industry that shared our passion we decided to create a network to connect thought leaders in the industry with undergraduates to help inspire them.

This has evolved into the Graduate Developer Community, a network dedicated to the development of undergraduate software developers. We now work with many Universities to host and promote events for undergraduates, connecting them with mentors from the industry who inspire a passion for software development from an early stage.

Using this approach, we build relationships with up and coming talented graduates, help them with free advice on CVs, interviews and career options, connect them with internships and when they are ready assist them to find positions with our clients.

Our client portfolio includes many of the top employers of graduate developers in London and the South East. From some of the brightest startups to major consultancies and investment banks, we have helped countless organisations connect with passionate emerging talent.

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